Motivating students: Be the brightest lamp in the room!

Brightest lamp in the room

I recently hosted a one day Agile conference in Manchester with Nick Houlton from the APMG.

The day comprised a number of open space sessions where delegates could get together to discuss challenges and possible solutions along with some presentations thrown in for balance.

I opened with a presentation that talked about the key challenges faced by organisations adopting Agile and Nick closed with a presentation about the importance of accreditation in industry.

We have run a number of these events and they have always been successful.

This time, he ended with a take away that he hadn’t used before.

It was in the context of delegate attending an accredited course such as the AgilePM Foundation or Practitioner. You could then say to those students at the end of the course that when they go back to their places of work, they might likely know more about the subject than anyone else in the business.

Imagine that!

Be the brightest lamp in the room!

I found that so powerful and couldn’t wait to try the same line on a group myself.

My chance came the following week. I had delivered a two day ICAgile Agile Fundamentals course to a closed group on site.

At the end of the course I made a point of congratulating them on their achievement and pointing out to them that they probably knew more about Agile now than anyone else in the building.

I also threw in “So go and be the brightest lamps in the room!“. I couldn’t help myself.

Sure enough, everyone in the room appeared to glow and puff out their chests and left the room on a high.

What a great idea.

It’s more than just a line. It is a wonderful way to reinforce their learning and motivate them.